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Kanji Lesson

Understand Japan Everywhere You Go

Kanjis are one of the most important, and yet sometimes overlooked components of the Japanese language. Fear not! Kanjis are a challenge, but not an impossible one. The purpose of this class is to help you learn and understand why kanjis are an essencial and necessary part of the Japanese language. We will teach you special techniques to understand and easily memorize the meaning behind Kanjis.
•  Origin & Stroke Order

•  Kanji for Different JLPT Levels

•  Radicals: The Building Blocks of Kanji

•  Mnemonics and other Memorization Techniques


3,500 JPY

per lesson

1 Kanji Study Lesson
Held on weekdays
Lessons for all levels of proficiency
Available all year round
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Course FAQs

How many classes will I have per week?

Our Kanji Lessons work as an addition to the Standard Japanese Course, how many classes you have depends on the amount of Kanji Lessons you add to your package.

What language will be used during class?

The main language of teaching is Japanese, yet our teachers understand English. 

During excursions you will be accompanied by other students and staff members who speak English and/or Japanese.

How much will I learn?

There is no limit! Our teachers are used to working with all types of students, and will make sure you improve your conversational abilities, as well as your reading and writing, enabling you to enjoy Japan to the fullest.

We are always amazed by how fast students improve their language skills, and we will help you in any way possible so that you can reach your maximum potential.

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You might use various textbooks depending on the length of your stay and your previous knowledge. Visual media, manga, articles, and other supplemental material will be used in addition to textbooks to ensure you have a deeper understanding of the Japanese language in multiple contexts.
Complete Beginner

Marugoto Japanese Language and Culture Textbook - Beginner

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Advanced Beginner

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 1

See on Amazon

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 2

See on Amazon

Nihongo chuukyuu Training / Nihongo chuukyuu 301

See on Amazon

Chuukyuu wo manabou! / Nihongo chuukyuu 501

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Advanced Speaker

Selected materials and texts will be used

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