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June 7, 2019

Cool, Crazy, Cute Cafes In Tokyo

Happiness is a cup of good coffee!

Getting a coffee, latte, or cappuccino is the best way to fuel up for a day of exploring. However, entering a coffee shop in Tokyo can already be an adventure worth experiencing. We collected our five favorite cool, crazy or cute cafe gems in Tokyo.

1. Roar Coffee House & Roastery

This cafe offers plenty of mouth-watering dishes and drinks on their menu, from enormous milkshakes to DIY Marshmallows. However, their rainbow latte brings coffee to a new level. Roar offers you the opportunity to choose which type of beans you want in your coffee. You can enjoy the in-house roasted beans combined with beautiful rainbow art. But don’t worry, the color doesn’t affect the delicious taste.

2. Oshiage Nyanko

This atmospheric coffee shop shows you one of the cutest coffee in Tokyo. With moldable foam, the cafe owner creates 3D kitty art. After a little wait, your carefully by hand created coffee will be almost too adorable to drink.

3. Animal Cafes – Goat, Hedgehog, Cat, Reptile, Owl, Rabbits, Birds

While you munch on your delicious cake and sip your morning coffee, you can cuddle with your favorite animal in Tokyo. Japan loves pairing coffee with animals and these cute cafes have become top tourist attractions. In Tokyo, the range of animal cafes is very diverse. No matter if you want to cuddle with fluffy cats, rabbits or pet a snake, you can do it here!

4. 8-bit Cafe

Power Gloves, Gameboys, and Nintendo are from the past? Not in this gaming cafe! Find all kinds of retro consoles and travel back to your childhood. "8-bit cafe" is packed with numerous games. You will feel nostalgic as you play your favorite game from the 80s or 90s again while enjoying drinks like “Princess Peach” or “Dr. Mario”.

5. Kawaii Monster Cafe

This candy-colored cafe is famous for its unique style and its rainbow-colored food. You will get served by so-called Monster Girls (aka the staff). Taking your eyes of their vibrant, bold clothes will be a hard call.

So start your day with a unique coffee experience. Plain boring coffee was yesterday. Get yourself a rainbow latte or enjoy your cup with fluffy animals, or a Gameboy.

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