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June 26, 2019

Fukuoka Bucket List: Our Top 5

You're visiting Fukuoka soon and are wondering what to put on your Fukuoka Bucket List?
Well, Fukuoka is the place to be when it comes to traditional Japanese culture. Century-old temples and shrines, numerous festivals, awe-inspiring monuments or timeworn castle ruins. And what’s more, it’s also the greenest city you can find in Japan! Not only will you be able to live the city life, but also encounter beautiful natural landscapes such as beaches, islands or mountains.

One thing is certain: There is so much to do in Fukuoka, it will probably fill a bucket list or two.
To give you a first glimpse, we have compiled our Top 5 Fukuoka must-do’s:

1. Nanzo-in

Nanzo-in is a beautiful sacred place. It holds the world’s largest bronze statue of the Reclining Buddha containing ashes of Buddha and two Buddhist adherents in its interior. In the surrounding of the statue, there are numerous eerie shrines. Get lost in Nanzo-in and discover breathtaking shrines, side passages, and hidden corners.

2. Itoshima

Looking for incredible sceneries and landscapes? Itoshima might be the spot for you. On the beautiful beach Futamigaura, you can rest in the sun or hike a mountain to see mesmerizing waterfalls. There are also some photogenic spots such as the Palm Tree Swing, Sakurai Futamigaura of Meotoiwa, or wings painted on a wall.

3. Dazaifu Shrine

The Tenmangu Shrine in Dazaifu was built on the site of Sugawara Michizane grave. He was a scholar, politician, and poet back in the Heian Period. Due to his dedicated learning, he has been associated with Tenjin, a Shinto deity of education. If you need luck for your next exams, why not pay your respect at the Tenmangu Shrine?

4. Canal City

If you are looking for a souvenir or just want to spend some time shopping, Canal City should be on your bucket list. In addition to 250 shops, you can find cafes, restaurants, a theater, a game center, cinemas, and more. The canal running through the shopping center gives Canal City an extraordinary flair. From 10 am to 10 pm, you can watch a water show every 30 minutes at the center of the canal, which is especially stunning at night.

5. Yanagawa

You are interested in a different kind of tour? Then listen to the narrative of Yanagawa’s history, told by a tour guide on the city’s canal. While riding a boat, you will travel past the ancient town with its traditional storehouses, narrow lanes, and see people dressed in traditional Japanese clothing.

With our top 5 things to do in Fukuoka, we don’t mean to give you a complete bucket list. Instead, we hope that this list could give you a bit of a nudge towards writing your own.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Fukuoka!

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