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December 25, 2020

How to Learn Japanese Online: Reach Fluency at home!

Being home for long periods of time recently has been a great challenge for many of us. While it was fun pulling all-nighters to binge series on Netflix, it’s time to take advantage of the time at home to catch up on what really matters: improving your Japanese.

Why not make good use of those extra hours and level up your Japanese skills with the help of technology?

Travel restrictions left us no choice but to take Japanese culture and knowledge straight to your house, so that you can keep (*ahem* or finally start) learning.

We came up with incredible and convenient Japanese Online Lessons that preserve our school’s essence and quality, available for you to take from the comfort of your own room!

Why Learn Japanese Online?

Be honest, how many hours have you spent on your computer or phone just watching videos or scrolling through Instagram this past week? Probably a lot.

Now imagine the progress you could make just by trading some of those hours for Japanese Online Lessons! In combination with the countless great learning resources from the internet, you could be reaching kanji master status in no time!

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Advantages of Japanese Online Learning

We love seeing our students every day at our school, but with the technology available today, there’s really no need for you to come all the way to Fukuoka to become immersed in the marvelous Japanese language and culture.

One of our experienced Japanese teachers will be making sure you practice as much as possible using materials that suit your level. Your classes will match your needs, and also your learning preferences.

Busy schedule? You can opt for our flexible course option and enjoy maximum freedom to choose when to take your lessons.

What should I expect?

Are you thinking of taking the JLPT? Or do you just want to read マンガ (manga) in Japanese?

Why not both? Our classes are designed to be as interactive as possible, and to challenge you in many ways, so that you improve all of your language skills.

More importantly, our Japanese Online Lessons are 1-on-1. This means you’ll get the teacher’s full attention, plenty of time to ask all the questions you want, and tons of speaking practice!

We know you’ve been trying to get rid of those subtitles in your アニメ (anime) and ドラマ (drama).

How does it work?

  1. For the standard lessons, first you’ll have to pick one of the available lesson times
  2. If you don’t feel ready for commitment yet, get in contact with us and request a trial lesson.
  3. Get ready! You’ll need a computer with a webcam, headphones and a microphone (your laptop’s built-in microphone is just fine).
  4. Attend your first class and learn a lot!

You’ll meet with your teachers via Zoom, and receive all the lesson materials virtually. Therefore, you don’t need to buy expensive books!

Zoom meeting

In the 21st Century technology is your ally, so use it wisely to bring Japanese immersion to your own home.

Let our teachers guide you throughout every step of your learning journey and provide you with useful tips, explanations and tons of conversational practice to get you speaking ASAP!

Make sure to check all the details and choose the lessons that better fit your schedule.

And remember, our Japanese Online Lessons are just another way for you to become part of the Meiji Academy family. Not to mention a great option to make the best of your time at home!

Get your FREE trial Online Lesson here, and Learn Japanese Online from great, passionate teachers!

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