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Traditional Culture

True Japanese Immersion

Our Traditional Culture module is designed for people who want to acquire a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and participate in unique experiences that only Japan can offer. 

Depending on the season, the programs and cultural events can vary widely. In early spring, we go to see cherry blossoms in beautiful parks around the city. In winter, you will visit ancient shrines in the mountains.You will take part in many different excursions and activities, such as:
•  Attending Japanese festivals (Matsuri)

•  Experiencing traditional tea ceremonies while wearing a kimono

•  Learning the ancient art of calligraphy

•  Discovering mystical shrines Immersing yourself in zen meditation
Feel free to ask us about cultural events happening during your intended visiting dates.
Please Note:

- If a class has only one or two students, the weekly lessons will be adjusted from 20 to 15 private or semi-private classes at no additional cost. For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions here.

Module Details

10,000 JPY

per week

6 lessons per week (max 4 weeks)
Held on weekdays
Lessons + extracurricular activities
Available to all levels
Available all year round
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Course FAQs

How many classes will I have per week?

Our Traditional Culture module works as an addition to the Standard Japanese Course, which means you will be adding 6 lessons to the 20 lessons included in the Standard Course, for a total of 26 lessons per week.

Please note that you can only take this module for a maximum of 4 weeks.

What language will be used during class?

The main language of teaching is Japanese, yet our teachers understand English. 

During excursions you will be accompanied by other students and staff members who speak English and/or Japanese.

What activities will I take part in during my stay?

Feel free to ask us about the events taking place during your intended stay!

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You might use various textbooks depending on the length of your stay and your previous knowledge. Visual media, manga, articles, and other supplemental material will be used in addition to textbooks to ensure you have a deeper understanding of the Japanese language in multiple contexts.
Complete Beginner

Marugoto Japanese Language and Culture Textbook - Beginner

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Advanced Beginner

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 1

See on Amazon

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese Book 2

See on Amazon

Nihongo chuukyuu Training / Nihongo chuukyuu 301

See on Amazon

Chuukyuu wo manabou! / Nihongo chuukyuu 501

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Advanced Speaker

Selected materials and texts will be used

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