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Terms & Conditions

The following agreement applies to all students, who are enrolling in any program or service offered by Meiji Academy and its affiliated partners. We tried to clearly state all points concerning your rights and obligations under this agreement. Please make sure to read it and feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.


To enable the formation of a contract between the applicant and the school, a request needs to be placed by the prospective student in written form first.

1. An offer is made when the school sends an official estimate in response to receiving the filled out free estimate from the applicant from the website.

2. A contract is formed when the applicant communicates to the school that he intends to pay the sum of money specified in the estimate received from the school.

3. If the applicant wishes to be released from the contract, he has to contact the school in written form directly.


All application conditions below need to be met, that the applicant is eligible to enroll in the courses offered by Meiji Academy.

1. The minimum age for the study courses are 14 years for individual students. Minors (20 years below by Japanese Law) require permission for their studies by a parent or legal guardian.

2. The requested course has to be still available and not fully booked at the respective date.

3. The remaining time before the start of the course has to be sufficient to insure the course can take place. A minimum time of one month before course start is required.

4. The school judges the applicant’s medical, physical and mental condition. In case the school feels that the applicant may not be prepared for the pressures of studying and living in Japan, an application can be refused.

Please note that the school has the exclusive right to refuse any application without reason at the sole discretion of the school.


The fees listed below are not included in the invoice, and will be charged separately depending on request and/or requirement.

1. Lodging fee
If the student arrives earlier than the date that accommodation starts, or leaves after the date that accommodation ends, where possible the school will arrange for the period of accommodation to be extended. The applicant must pay the additional costs in this case. However, when this is not possible, the applicant will be required to arrange accommodation for the extra nights, at the applicant’s own expense.

2. Meal fees
In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, breakfast only is provided at the homestay destination. No meals are provided at other accommodation types. The applicant is responsible for the cost of other meals.

3. Travel fees
The applicant is responsible for costs incurred in traveling from the accommodation to the School.

4. Alteration fee
If the student requests to change the date or duration of study, an alteration fee is required at the discretion of the school. Depending on conditions, the requested change may not be possible. Please confirm with the school as early as possible.

5. Bank charges/transfer fees
All related bank transfer, money exchange and other commissions that might arise during any money transaction have to paid by the student. If the school receives that does not match the invoice amount, the difference has to be paid by the student before course start.

6. Payment of fees
All fees specified in this agreement must be paid in full by the agreed method to the school and received by the specified date (generally one month before the first day of study). Please note that, the school is unable to reserve any courses or accommodations with outstanding payments to be settled and reserves in this case the right to cancel the student’s enrollment.

Please note that the school has the exclusive right to refuse any application without reason at the sole discretion of the school.


You may withdraw from any of our programs and services offered at any given time, yet it has to be done via a written request. Depending on which program you are enrolled in and what date the cancellation takes place, a cancellation fee will be imposed.
Date of Cancellation
Refund Amount
More than 49 days before the start date of the course
100% Refund of Study Courses, Accommodation and Accommodation Arrangement Fee
Between 28 and 49 days before start date of the course
100% Refund of Study Courses and Accommodation
Between 7 and 28 days before start date of the course
80% Refund of Study Courses and Accommodation
Less than one week before start date of the course
50% Refund of Study Courses and Accommodation
After start of the course
For all cancelled weeks of the Study Courses that are more than two weeks in advance after the cancellation request is received: ¥2,000JPY per day for group classes only
The Course Application Fee is excluded from refunds at any given time.


1. Students can request to change the course of study after an application has been completed. The school reserves the right to refuse this change, yet will try to accommodate all requests where it is possible.

2. Requests to change the study courses must be made in written from at least one week in advance of the requested date of change. Changes are only accepted to take effect from Monday of each week. Therefore, a change request made on a Tuesday, for example, will take effect on the second Monday thereafter.

3. There is an additional 5,000JPY administrative fee to change the accommodation type after accommodation has been arranged. Changes are subject to availability for the requested time period as they are organized by third party providers.

4. In the unlikely event that a class only has one or two students, the student will receive an adjusted timetable based on the following figures.
- Standard Course: 15 private or semi private lessons per week.
- Intensive Japanese: 15 private or semi private lessons plus two private lessons.
- Japanese Business, Traditional Culture and Pop Culture: 15 private or semi private lessons plus three course specific activities/classes per week.

5. The school is closed for students on national holidays and other specified days as listed on our Holidays page.


The content displayed on our website and other promotional material is believed to be valid and correct. However we cannot be held liable nor responsible for any misinformation or ambiguities stated in the content. Prices are subject to change without any further notice and the applicant will be liable for any purchase of these courses accordingly unless his initial deposit and/or courses have been already paid. Meiji Academy reserves the right to use your photography and video footage of your person for reproducing it in our promotional material, such as posters, advertisements, printed publications, our website and social media website pages. We do not make any payments to individuals in respect of these media usages and the copyright of the photographs and video material will belong to Meiji Academy. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you consent for your photography and video data to be used for our promotional purposes.


Meiji Academy will do ist best to accommodate its prospective students, yet we cannot take any responsibility for the following matters.

• If a student cannot obtain a passport and/or visa, or if he or she is, for whatever reason, refused entry into Japan by the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

• If a student cannot get his or her visa in time or extend it after his or her arrival.

• If there is a disaster, a war, a strike, terrorist activity, or any other equally grave unforeseen circumstance.

• The school accepts no responsibility for accidents or trouble during a student’s stay in Japan. The student has to enroll in an overseas travel insurance or use our travel insurance service offered.

• The school cannot accept responsibility for any physical, mental or economic damages suffered by the student from causes beyond the control of the school.

• If a student causes any damage to his or her place of accommodation, the student is responsible for the cost of damage. Also, if the school’s reputation or facilities are damaged because of the student, we will claim damages against the student.

• From the time of arrival to Japan, the student is responsible for his or her own actions, and is personally liable for any damages arising from action in breach of law, regulations, customs, or the rules of the school. In any of these cases, the school cannot accept responsibility.

• The student is responsible for any accidents occurring during activities such as sports, and is responsible for purchasing additional insurance for any sports requiring coverage. In any case corresponding to any of the above conditions, the school will under no circumstances return any tuition fees.


The terms of this agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Japanese Law. Any litigation and legal dispute is exclusively dealt under the jurisdiction of the Fukuoka Prefectural Court.


This agreement may be amended at any time without prior notice to the applicant. It is the responsibility of the student to follow up on any changes that might apply to his or her application.
The terms of this agreement apply to all courses, programs and services offered by Meiji Academy on or after 9th December, 2015.


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