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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the School?

The school is located in central downtown “Tenjin” which is the main shopping district. We are less than five minutes by foot from “Tenjin Minami” Subway Station Exit No.6. There is also an abundance of nearby cafes, cheap restaurants and shopping places to spend your free time after class.

What languages does the staff speak?

At Meiji Academy we have staff that can speak English, German, French, Chinese, Korean and Croatian.

How many students will be in each class?

Classes won’t have more than six students, which will enable the teacher to focus more on each individual student.

What language will be used during class?

The main language of teaching will be Japanese, yet our teachers understand English. Meiji Academy teachers are very experienced using many methods such as drawings and role-plays to ensure that even complete beginners will be able to learn Japanese smoothly.

How long is a lesson?

A lesson is 50 minutes long.

When do classes start and end?

Please refer to this sample schedule. Besides we are very flexible providing additional and adjusted schedules for students upon request.

What is Meiji Academy’s teaching approach / curriculum?

Each and every lesson is tailored to your specific needs and interests!We believe it’s important to meet you where you are in your studies. That means a steady focus on achieving your personal language goals each and every lesson. Your time is valuable! You deserve to end every lesson feeling great about your progress and empowered to continue your journey.

If you’re just starting out, we guide you through all the fundamentals:

- Writing in hiragana, katakana, and even some beginner kanji characters
- Understanding sentence structure, basic grammar, and essential vocabulary
- Speaking and listening through real Japanese conversation

Want to level up your conversation skills? We can help with your pronunciation and overall flow, while covering a wide range of common conversation topics.

Seeking success on the JLPT exam? From N5 - N1, we can customize your experience to focus on the specific grammar and vocabulary of each level. Our teachers know the JLPT in-and-out and can coach you through practice tests to boost your confidence for the real deal.

How does Meiji Academy measure student progress?

For beginner and intermediate students, we focus on correcting your mistakes in real time so you can instantly understand difficult concepts and adapt accordingly. We believe this approach is much more effective than grading and reviewing written exams at these skills levels.

Of course, if your goal is to pass the JLPT, we offer in-depth review of practice exams.

How long does it take to reach JLPT N(5 - 1) through online lessons?

This depends largely on your current Japanese skill level and the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put in towards mastering each level. However, even if you don’t yet know hiragana and katakana, with the right amount of effort, we believe you can be ready to pass the N4 level within half a year.

Can I study at Meiji Academy for even just one week?

Of course you can! Our school is famous for being flexible and open to your needs.

I am a complete beginner and have never studied Japanese before, is it a problem?

No, not at all! We are experienced with students, who have never been to Japan before and we will make sure to provide you with all the basics for being able to make simple conversations in Japanese until the end of your stay.

I would like to take the pop culture classes as well as the traditional classes. Is there a way to combine courses?

Yes, and you are free to choose additional classes as electives to your chosen course. We are able to arrange customized schedules if your classes do not overlap with others.

Is it possible to start another day than Monday?

Generally, all our courses start on Mondays, yet we might be able to accustom your wishes. Please consult with us directly.

Is there a ceremony when my course finishes?

Yes, every student who has studied with us for at least one week will receive an official graduation diploma in our ceremony.

Is there a limit for the courses, such as Pop Culture?

At the moment the longest duration for our Pop Culture course is two weeks whereas our Traditional Culture or Japanese Business course can last up to four weeks.

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